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About Us

Dermáge – “Skin At Any Age”

Dermáge was born when a team of successful dermatologists set forth to create a skin care line that would address many of their clients’ complaints. The problem—all of the skin care products on the market were made with harsh chemicals, and left their skin dry, red, irritated, and blemished. They needed products that allowed them to clean and hydrate their skin effectively, but were gentle enough for their sensitive skin.

Hundreds of formulas were tested over a period of two years, until Dr. Kligman, founder of Retin-A, Dr. George Fiedler, a Ph.D. who was the company’s chemist, and an advisory board of dermatologists and plastic surgeons, otolarynologists, and opthalmologists, felt they had a line that could be used safely on problem or damaged skin. Dermáge, meaning “Skin At Any Age”, began with a line of cleansers and moisturizers effective but gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Because even the slightest impurities can irritate sensitive skin, our products are made in FDA-certified, pharmaceutical-grade facilities.

Dermáge’s flagship product line celebrated their launch in the beauty department of Bloomingdales, in New York City. Dermatologists, salons and spas, and beauty departments in stores around the country welcomed the product into their establishments. Dermáge became the first non-medical skin care line of it’s kind. Dermatologists quickly began ‘prescribing’ the product line to their clients with sensitive skin issues, and we have been servicing that faithful clientele since its inception, for over 30 years.